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    Winning at Starburst is easy when you know how. Check out these top five ways to win written by our Starburst slots experts. Includes time-tested tips and tricks.

      Starburst Slots

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    • Starburst Slots Tips Summary
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    Top Tips to win at Starburst

    Is it possible to cheat Starburst and win? Not exactly, but there are definitely things you can do to improve your odds of winning.

    We’re not going to try to sell you some sort of system which if you download and run while playing, will allow you to win Starburst every time. Those systems are always nonsense, and deep down you know it.

    However, there are specific Starburst hints and tips which, if you implement, will improve your chances of winning. That’s what we’re going to focus on here.

    Starburst Slots Tips Summary

    • Claim no deposit free spins - it's risk-free and you could win real money from it
    • Bet as much as you can in anticipation of the main bonus feature - big bets create the biggest winning opportunities
    • Get used to the game features and controls to maximise your efficiency
    • Observe payout patterns and try to intercept when the slot gets hot
    • Use certain stakes to trigger winning chances - you could be surprised by the results

    Starburst Slot Cheats - The Real Ways To Win

    1. Claim Starburst Free Spins No Deposit Every Time

    It seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people don’t think of claiming the hundreds of Starburst free spins available online.

    Especially when you consider that you can win genuine real currency. The notion that nothing comes in life for free, doesn't really apply to these types of offers. When you claim no deposit free spins - you are getting a legit chance to play for free.

    You might not win every single time, but you literally can’t lose, either. Since many of these are free spins on Starburst no deposit mobile, you can play from anywhere, and you won’t even have to deposit to activate them.

    All you have to do is sign up and register a new account to claim the spins, that's it. These offers are the literal definition of ‘on the house’. When you don’t risk anything, it’s all upside.

    There's no lack of casinos willing to give you free spins to play either. With so much competition for online casinos out there, you can be rest assured that these offers are in plentiful supply

    2. Understand How To Create Big Wins in Starburst

    Obviously, the jackpot is the main event, but there’s nothing you can do to influence when that’s going to strike. To maximise your chances in these crucial moments, you want to bet as big as you possibly can.

    However, what many new players don’t understand is that Starburst has expanding wild symbols which land on the three middle reels. When these land, wins are almost guaranteed, and sometimes several wins occur at once.

    Bet in anticipation of these expanding wilds. You want to maximize your bet sizes for when they strike. It’s possible to create three or four winning combos at once when this happens.

    The max win in the Starburst slot machine is 50,000 coins. And to hit that win, you need to bet the absolute maximum. If you play an average size bet and the wilds land, then you will still win big - but not as much.

    3. Get Familiar With the Game - Build a Mental Map

    One of the best things you can do is play Starburst free before you risk your own cash. And you have several ways you can do this. You can use demo mode - or a bonus to try the game with little to no risk. Using the second option, you stand to win real money as well.

    Every game has its patterns, and you’ll soon figure out that Starburst only has seven symbols and 10 paylines. Therefore it’s easy enough to make winning combos regularly with all 10 paylines activated.

    Fiddle with the coin values, active paylines, bet levels and play the game until you’re sure you have learned about all of its features. This shouldn’t take too long with Starburst since it’s a straightforward game.

    This is a little like building a map of the terrain. The more you know about the game before you start playing for real money, the quicker you’ll get a feel for it. And the greater the chances you’ll spot something and be able to capitalize on it.

    It's also worth investigating features like auto-play - which can be crucial for more serious slot players. You can set the game to play automatically - and control your risk with loss limits. If your luck is really in, you could set stops on win limits too.

    4. Pay Attention to the Payout Patterns

    Each slot has its own unique ‘volatility’ which determines how often it pays out. For example, some games payout in back to back clusters, then a dry spell follows, then another multi-win streak.

    Starburst is exactly that sort of game. It’s possible to make three or four wins in a row and then win nothing for twenty consecutive spins.

    Take advantage of this by upping the ante when a win comes. Naturally, if you up your bet size and multiple wins follow, the payouts will be bigger.

    This goes the other way, too. If you’ve had two or three wins in a row, scale back and be prepared for a spell of non-winning spins. Once you sense things picking up again, you’ll know what to do.

    This can sometimes be called the hot and cold effect. Casinos will have lists of their hottest paying games - but within moments, those games could begin to freeze over. Every slot has those scorching hot moments followed by cooler periods.

    5. Understand Stake Sensitivity and Use It To Your Advantage

    There is no way to prove this beyond doubt, and NetEnt certainly won’t comment on it, but many experienced Starburst players are convinced that it pays out more often when you bet £0.50, £5, or £50 per spin.

    By using these types of bets, it's suspected that something in the game triggers to detect this kind of better. Perhaps certain pays become more likely - or you set in motion a bonus round trigger. Either way, it's near impossible to prove.

    As the old saying goes - there’s only one way to find out! Try some spins at these stakes and try some at others, and test the results for yourself.

    Something like this is hard to prove mathematically. Especially when you consider that all slots are built with random number generators. But when enough people notice it, which they have, we think there could be something more to it.

    How to win Starburst Slots

    • The key to winning in Starburst is to not get ahead of yourself. This is a marathon, not a sprint. There may be times where you have to handle the slot while it's cold. But it's worth it for those hot moments.

    • Keep within your budget and don't over-commit. You want to bet large to take advantage of the expanding wilds. But you also want to last long enough to take advantage of these moments. It's a careful balancing act that you will learn as you play.

    • Use no deposit bonuses and free spins to give your real money balance some reprieve. At the end of the day, you may convert the bonus into real cash - which you can add to your bankroll.

    • Consider giving mobile a shot. While Starburst plays exactly the same on your phone or tablet, these devices do offer more comfort.  This means you can play for longer - and you can take advantage of mobile-only offers.

    • Remember: hang in there when the going gets tough. It can be frustrating with long losing streaks. But that next spin could be something special.

    • If you need a break from the game, take a step back. Go and do something else instead. Gambling is supposed to be a fun past time, it's not meant to make you feel agitated or frustrated.

    • Playing Starburst in a slots tournament? Be careful when you are joining a tourney. Early entries are fine - but if you join too late, you risk the chance of not having enough time to make a mark on the leaderboard.

    Starburst Online Slot Cheats: Fact or Faction?

    Savvy slots players are always trying to find ways to beat the house. And finding cheats for the Starburst slot machine would certainly turn several heads. After all, we have all dreamed of what it could be like if we could tell the future.

    If cheats were possible, we could see a big winning opportunity coming up - and max out our bets just in time. Landing the 50,000 coin jackpot would be easy this way. But there are several reasons why cheating the NetEnt slot game is unfeasible.

    • The random number generator makes sure each game round result is unique. This keeps it fair for you - but it makes it practically impossible to predict what's coming next.

    • You would need some way to access the back end files of the game - as the results aren't produced client-side. Unless you have some kind of server-side access, there's no way to tinker with the slot.

    • It would be illegal to tamper with the software to produce favourable results. Doing so may land you in some legal hot water with the casino.

    • Using such cheats would rather 90% of the excitement from playing the Starburst slot. After all, half the appeal in gambling is not knowing what is going to come next.

    • Some users suggest that you can trick the slot by making certain bets at certain times. For more information, read our full and conclusive tips list above.

    To summarise: if you find someone online claiming that there Starburst slot game cheats work, then they are probably full of it.

    Starburst Slots Cheats - FAQs

    Is there a guaranteed way to win Starburst slots?

    There's isn't a 100% way to beat the Starburst slot each time. However, if you follow our advice - then you may start to see better results in a short while.

    What is the best Starburst trick to use?

    Maximise your bets as much as you can - low bets will produce small wins. So for big prizes, you need to bet higher.

    Where can I play Starburst slot from NetEnt?

    Starburst is one of the most popular games online. And you will have no trouble in finding at hundreds of casinos.

    How can I land a Starburst Big Win?

    Make sure you are betting the most you possibly can - doing so will mean you take advantage of those big moments when the bonus round triggers.

    Can I use these tips on Starburst Touch?

    Yes, you can. All of the above tips and tricks will also apply to the mobile version of the game.

    What is the best Starburst Slots Strategy?

    Several strategies can be applied successfully to Starburst. For example, you can use a leveller strategy to raise your bets after back to back losses. Or you can raise your best after a string of losses - this is known as a booster.

    The best strategy to use to capitalise on a winning streak is called the jumper. Each time you win, you raise your bets by a level. Keep increasing the level up to 4 times. Bets go back to default levels after a loss.

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